Digital, Technology, Marketing and Creative
Our ability to build long-term relationships is rooted in our deep industry experience in search as well as experience within the industries we serve. We have considerable experience with large E-commerce startups in India.
Our team have an “insider perspective” having experience in software development, digital products, UX/UI and digital marketing.
We understand the nuances and personality of what makes a successful placement within these specialised fields.
We have placed candidates in various roles that range from:
Front-End Web Developers (HTML/CSS, React, Angular)
Full Stack Web Developers (PHP, .NET, Node, SQL/MongoDB)
UX and UI Designers
Social Media Editors and Managers
Brand Solutions and Sales
C-Level Executives (CEO, CTO, CMO)
Photo by Simone Hutsch on Unsplash
Investment Banking and Finance
Senior Consultants at Haachi have specialised in building complete teams for several large global and Indian investment banks.
We have a comprehensive and constantly updated candidate database thanks to a team of outstanding and highly experienced researchers for all the markets under our coverage.
We are strong believers in the power of data and having knowledge. Over a period of time we have gained insights into revenue numbers of competitors in different regions. 
Our market intelligence data, revenue numbers, compensation numbers, industry moves, bonuses all help us play a big role in decision making. In short we have a lot of data that we use as out competitive advantage.
We have placed candidates in various roles that range from: 
Human Resources
Equity Research

Photo by Simone Hutsch on Unsplash

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