About Haachi
We have backgrounds working in companies such as Chase Manhattan, Viacom and Havas. The sectors we specialise in include Investment Banking, Finance, Digital, Technology, Marketing and Creative.
Haachi places a strong emphasis on understanding the sector, business, functional area and specific skillset required for your roles and organisational change management.
Search & Recruitment
We assist in the Development of Talent and Skills and ensure organisations have the right people to do what they need to do. 
Organisations and individuals need the right people and skills to be able to do what is being asked when going through change.
HR Solutions
We look at Building Structures, Processes and Systems. Specifically, reinforcement of these to support change.
At the heart of this lies a HR Management Solution that gels processes together to ensure continuous improvement and growth.
Organisational Change Development
We manage Role Modelling within the workplace. We have demonstrated that having a positive role model during any transition establishes clearer paths to success.
Change at any level, whether personal or within organisations is never easy. Effective change management is pivotal to the successful implementation of new practices or processes.
By working with organisations to articulate and develop an understanding of the ‘Why’ we ensure the actions of individuals makes change a less painful exercise.
Photo by Simone Hutsch on Unsplash
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